40 HDRP Materials

Unity 2021.2.4f1 40 HDRP Materials- Get 40 High Quality HDRP materials for games.

40 HDRP Materials

Get 40 High Quality HDRP materials for games.
Render pipeline compatibility
Unity Version
This pack contains 40 High Quality HDRP materials for games with 8 kinds of materials.

Technical details

5 Blue HDRP materials.
5 Yellow HDRP materials.
5 Green Square HDRP materials.
5 Orange Circle HDRP materials.
5 Dark Blue Lines HDRP materials.
5 Yellow Stain HDRP materials.
5 Pink amphibian HDRP materials.
5 Yellow Spot HDRP materials.
All of these materials are 4K Materials.
Materials with Base color, Mask map and Normal textures.
Number of textures
120 textures
Texture dimensions
120 textures of 4096 pixels x 4096 pixels
Types of materials and texture maps (e.g., PBR)
40 materials pbr (HDRP).


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