Escalated QP Game 2

3D Virtualand presents Escalated QP Game 2 Update November 2018. 2018 Summer #UE4JAM.

Escalated QP Game 2 Update November 2018 Readme
2018 Summer #UE4JAM
Unreal Engine 4.20
November 4, 2018 


November halloween month Murdock Wasteland come to Escalated QP Game 2 to remember times in the past when chaos reigned. Today in a new adventure, a new level, new gameplay, new objective and more ... ... anything could happen ...
W - Move Forward.
S - Move Backward.
A - Move Left.
D - Move Right.
Left Mouse Button - Fire.
Right Mouse Button - Aiming.
Mouse Wheel Axis - Swap Weapon.
Left Shift - Sprint.
R - Reload.
C - Crouch.
M - Menu.
Healths - Green pickups.

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© 2004-2018, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.

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