Luxury Bedroom

Unreal Engine 4.26 Luxury Bedroom Get 32 bedroom props to use in any game, arch vis and virtual production.

Luxury Bedroom Readme

Now compatible with Unreal Engine 5 and 5.1.

Updated to Unreal Engine 4.27.


Get 32 bedroom props to use in any game, archvis and virtual production.

Technical Details
Get 5 bedroom with 5 different headboards with 32 bedroom props (25 variations).
Number of Unique Meshes: 32.
Collision: Yes automatically generated.
Vertex Count:
From 1270 to 48693 vertices.
LODs: Yes.
32 meshes with 3 LODs.
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 4 material and 152 instance materials.
Number of Textures: 259 (Diffuse, Metalness, Roughness and Normal).
Texture Resolutions:
3 Textures of 512x512 px.
1 Texture of 2048x2048 px.
255 Textures of 4096x4096 px.
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes.
Mac: No.
Demo Video:
Important/Additional Notes:


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