Other Side Coin Shooter

3D Virtualand presents Other Side Coin Shooter Game. 2019 Spring #UE4JAM.

We released Other Side Coin Shooter Game for  the 2019 Spring #UE4Jam.

Other Side Coin Shooter Part 2.

Other Side Coin Shooter Part 1

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Other Side Coin Shooter Readme.

2019 Spring #UE4JAM
Unreal Engine 4.22
Other Side Coin Shooter
May 6, 2019

Other Side Coin Shooter
Developer: 3D Virtualand
Engine: Unreal Engine 4.22.
Platform: Microsoft Windows.
Genre: Third Person Shooter.

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Spring has arrived and new challenges are approaching. After a year of hardship with the beasts of the past you will live new adventures. Collects the shields to be able to finish the game successfully.
Use the available health to recover.
W - Move Forward.
S - Move Backward.
A - Move Left.
D - Move Right.
Left Mouse Button - Fire.
Right Mouse Button - Aiming.
Mouse Wheel Axis - Swap Weapon.
Left Shift - Sprint.
R - Reload.
C - Crouch.
M - Menu.
Health - Green pickups.

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© 2004-2019, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.

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