Pillow Sets HDRP

Unity 2021.2.4f1 Pillow Sets HDRP Get 11 realistic high quality pillow set meshes for arch vis and games.

Pillow Sets HDRP

Unity 2021.2.4f1

Get 11 realistic high quality pillow set meshes for arch vis and games.

This pillow land sets is integrated by 11 unique pillow sets with 5 materials each one (55 variations).

Each pillow set prefab have materials for Flannel, Denim, Linen and Leather.
All pillows have normal size stitches at borders and several leather pillow sets have giant stitch details.
All in multiple colors.
Pillow set sizes: 26"x26" per pillow.

Number of textures
Texture dimensions
2048x2048 Pixels
Polygon count of [Model Name]
1 PillowSet_01 with 30487 Triangles (LOD0)
1 PillowSet_02 with 19833 Triangles (LOD0)
1 PillowSet_03 with 19825 Triangles (LOD0)
1 PillowSet_04 with 19665 Triangles (LOD0)
1 PillowSet_05 with 19636 Triangles (LOD0)
1 PillowSet_06 with 13107 Triangles (LOD0)
1 PillowSet_07 with 13245 Triangles (LOD0)
1 PillowSet_08 with 30867 Triangles (LOD0)
1 PillowSet_09 with 19841 Triangles (LOD0)
1 PillowSet_010 with 20087 Triangles (LOD0)
1 PillowSet_011 with 19960 Triangles (LOD0)

Minimum polygon count
Maximum polygon count
Number of meshes/prefabs
11 Meshes/55 Prefabs (HDRP)
Rigging: No
Animation count
Animation type list
UV mapping: Yes
LOD information (count, number of levels)
11 Meshes with LOD0, LOD1, LOD2 and LOD3
Types of materials and texture maps (e.g., PBR)
55 Materials pbr (HDRP).


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