Covered Warehouse HDRP

Unity 2021.2.4f1 Covered Warehouse HDRP Get covered warehouse props for any game.

Covered Warehouse HDRP

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Get covered warehouse props for any game.
Render pipeline compatibility
Unity Version
Get 15 (75 variations) HDRP hight quality covered warehouse props to use in any game.

Added new models for unity 2021.
Technical details
Number of textures
Texture dimensions
2048x2048 Pixels
Polygon count of [Model Name]
1 ABarrelPallet_01 with 23201 Triangles (LOD0)
1 BBagPallet_01 with 23898 Triangles (LOD0)
1 DualBarrelPallet_01 with 27156 Triangles (LOD0)
1 DualBBagPallet_01 with 20814 Triangles (LOD0)
1 DualReel_01 with 13324 Triangles (LOD0)
1 MW_01 with 70608 Triangles (LOD0)
1 PalletArray_01 with 29639 Triangles (LOD0)
1 RGasTankPallet_01 with 20789 Triangles (LOD0)
1 RTankPallet_01 with 20955 Triangles (LOD0)

1 ThreeBarrelHPallet_01 with 35214 Triangles (LOD0)
1 ThreeBarrelP_011 with 59876 Triangles (LOD0)
1 ThreeBarrelPallet_01 with 20050 Triangles (LOD0)
1 ThreeBarrelV_01 with 34721 Triangles (LOD0)
1 ThreeTankPallet_01 with 39687 Triangles (LOD0)
1 TwoBarrelTable_01 with 16002 Triangles (LOD0)
Minimum polygon count
Maximum polygon count
Number of meshes/prefabs
15 Meshes/75 Prefabs (HDRP)
Rigging: No
Animation count
Animation type list
UV mapping: Yes
LOD information (count, number of levels)
15 Meshes with LOD0, LOD1, LOD2 and LOD3
Types of materials and texture maps (e.g., PBR)
75 Materials pbr (HDRP).


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