VR Hands Documentation

Unreal Engine 4.23 VR Hands Vol. 1.

VR Hands Vol. 1 Readme

Now compatible with Unreal Engine 5.2

Updated to Unreal Engine 4.27.

Get the latest VR Hands ready.

It include 8 skeletal meshes (24 variations totals) for the VR Template and 10 new poses or animations:
A, C, F, G, I, L, S, O, X and Z (Sign Language or grab).

Technical Information

- 8 SKs (24 variations) for VR template.
- Ordered Animations.
- Crazy Animations.
- Ordered SKs.
- Crazy SKs.
- Custom Text (Initial templates for edition in external application are included).
Scaled to Epic skeleton: (Yes for the VR Template).
Rigged: (Yes)
Rigged to Epic skeleton: (Yes for the VR Template).
Animated: (Yes).
Number of Animations: 10 Grab Animations (A, C, F, G, I, L, S, O, X and Z).
Animation types: Grab Animations or poses.
Number of characters: 8 (24 variations).
Vertex counts of characters: From 2815 to 7217 (24 LOD0).
3 Variations of Military Hands of 11512 tris (LOD0).
3 Variations of Glove Hands of 5534 tris (LOD0) with Custom Text.
3 Variations of Zombie Hands of 10986 tris (LOD0).
3 Variations of cGlove Hands of 10879 tris (LOD0) with Custom Text.
3 Variations of Momie Hands of 10978 tris (LOD0).
3 Variations of rGlove Hands of 12804 tris (LOD0).
3 Variations of fGlove Hands of 5102 tris (LOD0).
3 Variations of hGlove Hands of 5948 tris (LOD0) with Custom Text. With out fingers.
3 Blueprints mods for manipulation with the new poses, ordered sks for both hands and random not matched sks, ordered animations for both hands and random animations.
1 Femur mesh and BP.
Number of Mat. and Mat. Instances: 52 materials and 25 material instances.
Number of Textures: 95.
Texture Resolutions:
1 of 32x32 px.
1 of 128x128 px.
57 of 2048x2048 px.
36 of 4096x4096 px.
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, VR Preview and Oculus.
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, VR Preview and Oculus.
Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imMAjrEp0Ok
Documentation: https://www.3dvirtualand.com/vrhandsdocumentation.
Important/Additional Notes:

Additional Controls:

TeleportRight - Oculus Touch (R) Thumbstick
TeleportLeft - Oculus Touch (L) Thumbstick
GrabLeft - Oculus Touch (L) Trigger
GrabRight - Oculus Touch (R) Trigger

Animations (Toggle 2 animations):
AC - Q
FG - W
IL - E
SO - R
XZ - T

ActivateAnim - Oculus Touch (R) Thumbstick Down (UE427)
- Oculus Touch (R) Grip (UE5)
- Middle Mouse Button

SKs (Toggle 3 variations):
SK1 - 1
SK2 - 2
SK3 - 3
SK4 - 4
SK5 - 5
SK6 - 6
SK7 - 7
SK8 - 8

etSK - Oculus Touch (R) Thumbstick Up (UE427)
- Oculus Touch (L) Grip (UE5)
- Mouse Wheel Up (UE5)