3D Virtualand presents... Unreal Engine 4.24 Countdown Map 2 Update.

Mostramos nuestro avance del map 2 de Countdown. Livestreaming en español. Marzo 24, 2020 a las 19:00 pm cdt. Cuando terminemos lo vamos a publicar en: en y en

3D Virtualand presents... Countdown 2019 Summer #UE4JAM.

We made Countdown for 2019 Summer UE4Jam.

Countdown Readme.

Next map under dev. Feb. 6, 2020

2019 Summer #UE4JAM
Unreal Engine 4.22
August 13, 2019


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After 6 years of fighting in Paragon, Murdock realized that the countdown was going to start and if he didn't do something soon to get the resources to keep up his battle he would be in serious trouble. .
W - Move Forward.
S - Move Backward.
A - Move Left.
D - Move Right.
Left Mouse Button - Fire.
Right Mouse Button - Aiming.
Mouse Wheel Axis - Swap Weapon.
Left Shift - Sprint.
Jump - Space.
R - Reload.
M - Menu.
Health - Green pickups.
Ammo - Blue Pickups.
Double Ammo - Red pickups.

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© 2004-2019, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.

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