Countdown Readme.

2020 Epic MegaJam
Unreal Engine 4.26
December 8, 2020


This is our update for the game called CountDown for the 2020 Epic MegaJam.
It has new beautiful weapons and new characters and new UI. And yes it has water and clouds. It is very fun!!! It is slightly more easy to play.

Burlap Female Character escaped from Halloween and refuses to return until next year.

How to play:
In Main Menu
Select Host
In Host:
Number of bots: 8
Map: CountDown
Double clic in Free for all or Team Deathmatch

W - Move Forward.
S - Move Backward.
A - Move Left.
D - Move Right.
Left Mouse Button - Fire.
Right Mouse Button - Aiming.
Mouse Wheel Axis - Swap Weapon.
Left Shift - Sprint.
Jump - Space.
R - Reload.
Scape - Menu.

Health - Yellow pickups.
Gun Ammo - Purple pickups.
Double Gun Ammo - Purple pickups.
Launcher Ammo - Blue Pickups.

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